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  • Fish diseases are caused by a combination of 3 factors, such as the environment, immunity issues and fish pathogens. If the water conditions are not optimal and fish pathogens increase, they will become infected. Twinstar sterilizers effectively kills pathogens with strong sterilizing factors, so it doesn’t need to run 24 hours like an UV sterilizer.

    Twinstar Sterilizers aid in the prevention of Algae, Bacterial Fish Diseases and Pathogens. They work by increasing the Redox (or Oxidation Reduction Potential - ORP) of the aquarium by creating pure oxygen gas. Algae and bacteria that are exposed to oxygen will have their cell surface oxidized causing it to break apart. This is beneficial in preventing issues before they begin such as Cyanobacteria Algae and Bacterial Fish Diseases because the spores are destroyed in the early stages. This process will have no effect on the biological balance of the aquarium and will not harm any fish as long as the the unit it properly sized for the aquarium.


    Pathogens Eliminated:

    • Saprolegniasis (Fungus)
    • Bacterial Disease
    • E-Coli

    Recommended tank size:


    Yotta: 13-52 gallons (50-200 liters)

    Yotta+: 13-118 gallons (50-450 liters)

    S3: 8-13 gallons (30-50 liters)

    S5: 8-26 gallons (30-100 liters)

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