UNS Paludarium 45E - 3.8G

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    Available in two sizes

    Water meets land – Discover new plant species, explore new scaping styles and try your hand at creating thriving ecosystems that hybridize terrestrial and aquatic elements. Get ready to test your green thumb. Ultum Nature Systems Paludariums open the door to new plant display opportunities.

    Model 45E 60E
    Dimensions (in) L17.71 x D11.02 x H4.53 / 11.02 L23.60 x D14.17 x H5.51 / 14.17
    Glass Thickness (mm) 5 6
    Opening (mm) Ø20 Ø20
    Volume (Gal) 3.8 6.8
    Every paludarium model will have two height measurements due to the height differences between front and back panels



    The E-series Paludarium’s optional set of bulkheads and plugs allow for innovative layout design. The Open setting allows the use of additional accessories, while the Flow setting enables the adaptation of in and outflows to filtration and pumps. Finally, the Closed setting provides maximum room for creative layout execution.




    Dual plugs are included to create a complete water-tight seal for a closed paludarium setup.The pre-drilled 20MM dual openings are located on the back panel and allow room for additional accessories such as the UNS Mist Maker Set.




    An optional pair of slim bulkheads can be installed to customize in and outflow. Best used with UNS Delta Canister Filters.




    Dual plugs are included to create a complete water-tight seal for a closed paludarium setup.



    The E-Series Flow setting is designed to work in conjunction with the Delta 30, 60, and 90 line of canister filters. Depending on the size of the Paludarium and layout, Delta canister filters come with included in and outflow accessories that can be used. Several configurations showcasing applicable UNS accessories are modeled below.


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